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Wine FYI

Wine sweetness, semi-sweet, dry or sweet?

What is semi-sweet wine anyway? Misnomer or fact, we look at the wine sweetness chart and what falls where

We often hear the terms ‘dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet or sweet’ in reference to wine. Dry or sweet are easy enough for most of us to differentiate but, when encountering a wine list or waiter who refers to a semi-sweet wine, what do they even mean? Fruity? Sugary? Cheap? How sweet (or dy) is semi-sweet? And how would we classify a wine in this way? If you’ve been puzzled like us, here is a bit of a breakdown and some guiding tips to choose the wine that suits you best.


Good Wine Shop Wine Terms Everyone Should Know

Wine terms everyone should know

We all have our favourites and know a wine we like when we taste it, but it is often much harder to describe them, right? Whether you are an avid wine drinker who needs to brush up on terminology or would simply like to decipher the wine descriptions on the tasting notes of a menu, the following wine terms will help you!


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