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Summer wine selection (pink and orange are the new black)

Summer wines - Indaba chenin

Summer wine selection (pink and orange are the new black)

Orange and pink are the new black… and for summer we just love the lighter, refreshing wines coming from our favourite Blanc de Noirs and Rosés (with or without bubbles!). Perfect to refrigerate, often lower in alcohol (who needs a hangover in summertime!) and just so incredibly moreish.

A little aside, someone once said that Blanc de Noir was just a fancy word for Rosé, and while some like to believe that, there is a difference. Literally meaning “white from black” in French (ie black – aka red – grapes), a blanc de noir is actually a wine made from 100% red grapes with less time on the skins, which is where the dark colour of red wine originates. Less skin time simply means lighter colour and lower tannins, hence the colour and palate being so much lighter. Conversely a rosé could be a blend of white and red grapes. That’s why a rosé is often much drier and more acidic like a sauvignon blanc, or much sweeter on the other side of the spectrum. So technically a blanc de noir could be called a rosé, but the opposite does not always apply. Recently we have been discovering more “orange” wines, and these are often quite the opposite – wines made from white grapes with more time on the skins, which adds more colour to the wine, and hence orange rather than white. So there you have it!

Here’s our selection of the perfect summer blushes… with a few of our favourite summer whites thrown in for good luck!

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